Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The School for Heiresses by Sabrina Jeffries, Liz Carlyle, Julia London, and Renee Bernard

Goodreads Description:

At the School for Heiresses, the lessons go far beyond etiquette and needlepoint. In addition to teaching her students how to avoid fortune hunters, headmistress and founder Charlotte Harris proposes the radical notion that women of means need not shackle themselves to men at all -- unless they find a suitable, desirable mate. So lessons in the fine art of acquiring a loving and passionate husband are part of the curriculum at this highly unusual school. And as the holidays approach, Mrs. Harris sends her young ladies home with personally tailored lessons to work on. Will they return any closer to finding the perfect husband? 

Join this dazzling roster of authors as they put their own spin on the School for Heiresses in four spirited tales of passion!

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My Review:

I enjoyed this anthology, which is rare for me because I usually don't enjoy them as much.  There were 4 stories each by a different author but all involving a student of Mrs. Harris.  I absolutely loved Sabrina Jeffries because I wanted to know what happened to Colin Hunt from his introduction in a previous story.  I also highly enjoyed Liz Carlyle and Julia London's story. They kept to Sabrina Jeffries world very well and I hardly noticed that they were written by different authors.  I did not enjoy Renee Bernard's as much however.  I found myself wandering and putting it down a lot.  I just wasn't drawn into the story or found myself caring much about the romance.  It wasn't a bad story but just not something I would have picked up otherwise.  I definitely recommend picking this book up though just so you can get some more heiress action!

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