Monday, January 9, 2012

The Promise in a Kiss by Stephanie Laurens

Goodreads Description:

Stephanie Laurens has enchanted growing legions of fans with her sweeping tales of the magnetic Cynster men and the women who love them. With this new novel, she creates her most irresistible story yet, the tale of Sebastian and Helena, the Duke and Duchess of St. Ives—the lovers who began it all.
Sheltered in a French convent school, Helena has little knowledge of men. But that changes one snowy Christmas Eve when she unexpectedly meets a mesmerizing Englishman who leaves her with a powerful kiss.
Grown into a stunning beauty, Helena cannot forget that forbidden kiss. Now, though, she must put aside her dreams and marry, an obligation that takes her to London. There she is determined to meet Society's most eligible bachelor, Sebastian, Duke of Ives, a man sworn never to wed. But when they are introduced, Helena is shocked...for Sebastian is none other than her wild Englishman.

My Rating:

My Review:

Good overall romance and the action was trilling to read.  The romance scenes were average but not boring to read.  I was excited to read how Sylvester's parents met and married.  I loved seeing them fall in love and Helena's internal and sometimes very visible external struggles with her feelings for the Duke.  The one question I have about this book is, if the Duke so truly loved his wife and was such an proud man why would he cheat on her while in Scotland with Lady Eleanor McEnery and create Richard (Scandal) as was mentioned in book 3 and 1 in the series.  It makes me look negatively on Sebastian, The Duke of St. Ives.  He pursues Helena so determinedly and wins her trust to betray it later on in their marriage, it just bothers me.  The book as a whole is good and as I said the action and romancing is average.  I recommend this book to anyone who's into the series as a way to see how Sylvester's parents came together but it's not a must read to enjoy the rest of the series.

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