Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Hellion in Her Bed by Sabrina Jeffries

Goodreads Description:

Furious at his grandmother’s ultimatum to marry or lose his inheritance, Lord Jarret Sharpe wagers his luck—and his heart—at the card table against a most unlikely opponent.Mired in scandal after his parents’ mysterious deaths, notorious gambler Lord Jarret Sharpe agrees to tamely run the family brewery for a year if his Machiavellian grandmother rescinds her ultimatum that he marry. But the gambler in him can’t resist when beguiling Annabel Lake proposes a wager. If she wins their card game, he must help save her family’s foundering brewery. But if he wins, she must spend a night in his bed. The outcome sets off a chain of events that threatens to destroy all his plans . . . and unveils the secret Annabel has held for so long. When Jarret discovers the darker reason behind her wager, he forces her into another one—and this time he intends to win not just her body, but her heart.

My Rating

My Review:

4 1/2 out of 5

I loved how this book kept me on my toes!  When you think you understand everything, you have some new piece of information to confuse you!  I loved the twist in the mystery of how the Sharpe parents died and I can't wait to read the next book if for not other reason then to see what new developments take place.  Great bit of mystery that subplot is!  The romance was very well written and felt like something that was plausible.  There's nothing I hate more then a romance that is so over the top you just think there is no way that could happen in real life!  I mean the point of reading is to let the fantasy take you over and if it's not plausible it ruins the illusion.  

Jarret thinks he's not good at anything for gambling and wenching, until Annabel comes into his life and she shows him different!  Jarret pretends he's not a gentleman but whenever he's put to prove he's a scoundrel he show's his real colors and his gentlemanly manners.  Annabel will do anything to thank her brother for helping her after a foolish decision when she's 17 changes her life.  To save the family brewery she puts her reputation on the life to get Jarret to agree to help.  The both get more then they bargain for!  I am very glad I read this and I can't wait to read Minerva's Story next!

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