Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kiss of Darkness by Loribelle Hunt

Good Reads Review:

Winter, a hybrid, has spent her life at war. A group of humans who are part demon, the hybrids, along with the lupines and nightwalkers, have dedicated their lives to defeating demons and protecting humanity. Yet, despite their united cause, the three groups share an uneasy alliance.

When hybrid military compounds come under attack from demon insurgents, Winter has no choice but to turn to the lupines and nightwalkers for assistance. It's a partnership based on necessity and she has no intention of letting down her guard with either group.

Marcus, the nightwalker Lord, has other plans. The immediate attraction between him and Winter promises a passion he can't ignore. To claim her as his own, he'll not only have to fight the demons who seem hell-bent on destroying her, but her own misconceptions about him and the nightwalker race. It's a battle he refuses to lose.

My Rating: 5 Star

My Review:

Great concept and a great world. Loribelle Hunt, the writer, spun an amazing romance, and mystery. I highly enjoyed the dynamic between Winter and Marcus as well as between Winter and her team. I can't wait to read the next book in the series to see what happens between Gia and Luke.

I'd recommend this story to anyone who enjoys Fantasy Mystery Fiction or Fantasy Romance Fiction.

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