Saturday, November 12, 2011

Seven Secrets of Seduction by Anne Mallory

Goodreads Description:

Scandalous and provocative, The Seven Secrets of Seduction is an intoxicating insight into the mind of men and the desires of women; and the book has all the ton talking.

Secret #1: Every good seduction begins with a baited hook . . .
Well-educated, but not part of society, Miranda Chase is just as captivated by the erotic pages as everyone else in London. Intrigued by the layers she sees beneath the book's surface, she writes an editorial about it, never realizing that her passionate words will draw an actualviscount to her uncle's bookshop.
Maximilian, Viscount Downing, has very particular ideas about passion and sees truth only in desire. He freely flaunts his sensual power and seeks nothing more than another conquest; the one that could justify his entire debauched existence. But Miranda's blend of innocence, trust, and love cause a strange thing to happen on the way to this seduction. Something that just might threaten the very fabric of his jaded heart . . .

My Rating: 5 out of 5

My Review:

I am so glad I picked this book up! Miranda works at her Uncles book shop and has lived with him since her parents and brother died in a carriage accident that only she survived.  Maximilian walks into Miranda's life and nothing is ever the same.  Through out the book you learn nothing is as it seems an I wish I could say more but I don't want to give anything away.  The romance is funny and sweet and at points hot! Miranda and Max grown as people for the better an it's awesome to see!

A wonderful new series for me to read and I can't wait to get the second to read.  I already have the third on my kindle so I should speed through this series!  Loved it!

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