Sunday, November 27, 2011

2012 Krazy Kleypas Reading Challenge

Category Five
Kleypas Krazy
The Kleypas Addiction has full control! You find yourself thinking about the books all the time waiting impatiently for your next fix, started calling all the heroines by your own name... You are beyond saving and loving every word of it!----It's true I am beyond saving and I do love every word of it!!!!!

Books I will be Reading:

1)  (Re-Read)
2)  (Re-Read)
3)  (Re-Read)
4)  (Re-Read)
5)  (Re-Read)
6)  (Re-Read)
7)  (Re-Read)
8)  (Re-Read)
9)  (1st time read)
10)  (Re-Read)
11)  (Re-Read)
12)  (1st time read)
13)  (1st time read)
14)  (1st time read)
15)  (Re-Read)
16)  (Re-Read)
17)  (1st time read)
18)  (1st time read)

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  1. Yay Brittany! Some awesome books! Thanks for participating