Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kiss of the Vampire by Cynthia Garner

Goodreads Description:

Warriors of the Rift

Once a generation, the rift between the paranormal world and the human world opens, allowing supernatural entities to cross. Vampire, demon, or shapeshifter, they can save the world-or send it spiraling into chaos.
Half-demon, half-human, Nix de la Fuente is accepted by neither and mistrusted by both. Determined to prove she's more human than not, she devotes herself to solving crimes between the world's mortals and its most unsavory undead. But her latest case brings her face to face with the one vampire she could never resist . . . 

Called in to investigate a string of violent murders, special agent Tobias Caine isn't interested in rekindling his relationship with Nix. Yet one look and the vampire knows his need for her is as strong as ever. Once, their all-consuming passion nearly cost Nix her fragile hold on her humanity. Now, as their hunger for one another intensifies, exposing them to an unimaginable danger, it could cost them both their lives.

My Rating:

My Review:

I love the original aspects of this story.  The theory that the beings cross over through a dimensional rift and then possess human beings to turn them into Werewolves, Vampires, Demons, Etc is very original and I highly enjoyed that aspect of the story.  Nix is part human and part demon, and the human liaison between the counsel and the human PD.  Her specialty is demon crimes.  She has to keep hold of her temper because half breeds like herself tend to go insane at a young age due to the dueling personalities.  The love of her life, Tobias, left her to try and keep her sane.  Tobias is a vampire and could see Nix slowly loose her humanity the longer they are together.  He leaves to try to capture a long running enemy but is called back to the town Nix lives in by a friend.  When that friend is found murdered, both Nix and Tobias are thrown together by the counsel to solve the murder which is the second in a series of viscous crimes against vampires.  Their interactions are intense and you can just feel the passion simmering beneath.  Their search for the murder and the reasons for the murders is very well written.  There is just enough twist and turns to keep you guessing till the end!  I really loved the world created and the love story between Tobias and Nix.  I can not wait to read the next in the series!

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