Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Perfect Scandal by Tina Gabrielle

Goodreads Description:

A Lady Seeking Scandal
Lady Isabel Cameron has little use for marriage and propriety. Her dream is to study art in Paris. But her father has engaged her to a waddling, bankrupt, domineering lord twice her age. When her childhood flame Marcus Hawksley reappears—handsome, single, and socially snubbed—Isabel devises the perfect escape. She will solicit Marcus's assistance to destroy her reputation.
A Man With Nothing To Lose
Marcus has already felt the wrath of the ton, with his business as a stockbroker deemed unacceptable. But he is no despoiler of innocent ladies—until by chance, Isabel's improper advance leaves her the only witness against a lie that could truly ruin him. Faced with her father's demands for marriage, Isabel and Marcus agree to a wedding of convenience—and six months' tenure living as supposed husband and wife. But as the heat between them grows, what seemed a pretense becomes deliciously real... 

My Rating: 5 out of 5

My Review:

I got this out of my library an realized I had already read it and never reviewed it! It is infact the first of Tina Gabrielle's stories I read.  Isabel wants to be an artist and live in Paris with a family relation.  However her father has other plans which include an old miserable man being her husband.  However Isabel finds salvation in Marcus, a childhood acquaintance.  Marcus needing Isabel's help to prove his innocents agrees to help her.  They both don't realize until it's too late that they make the perfect couple.  I LOVED the mystery and action in the story as well as the romance.  It was perfectly paced and in my opinion was very nearly a perfect book.  Highly recommend!

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