Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Perfect Imposter by Wendy Soliman

Goodreads Description:

Struggling to escape her past and make ends meet as a modiste, Katrina Sinclair hopes the daring new wardrobe she's designed for her childhood friend Julia—now a marchioness—will attract the business she desperately needs. But Julia's help comes at a price: Katrina must take her place at a house party. They look enough alike for the ruse to work...until Julia's handsome former fiancĂ© arrives.

Leo Kincade has been tasked with catching a traitor who steals from house parties to fund Napoleon's armies. Three women are suspected—including Julia. But when Leo intercepts her at the party, he finds an impostor who stirs an attraction stronger than anything he felt for Julia.

The mysterious woman shares Leo's interest, even if she won't trust him with her true identity. He should expose her at once, but he's too tempted to play along and see where her deception—and their passion—will lead...

My Rating:
My Review:

I thought this book was ok but could have been much more.  I enjoyed the dynamic between the two main characters however after a while of hearing they can't let anything happen gets sort of annoying.  I also got a little annoyed with the ending, though good and unexpected, it seemed a little out of left field.  

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