Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lady of Scandal by Tina Gabrielle

Goodreads Description:

Victoria Ashton has intelligence and ambition - qualities of little value to most marriage-minded gentlemen of the ton. Her own father has no idea of Victoria's hidden life as an anonymous trader in London's stock market. But her hopes of independence are shattered when her father's enemy, Blake Mallorey, assumes Charles Ashton's debts and presents Victoria with a stark choice: live with him as his mistress for one year, or condemn her family to bankruptcy. For years Blake has dreamed of justice, and his scheme becomes all the sweeter when he sees the beauty that Victoria has become. Scoundrel he may be, but Blake will not force anyone into his bed. He intends to entice Victoria, one wicked kiss at a time. But with a woman as spirited and sensual as Victoria, seduction works both ways - and a plan rooted revenge can blossom into a scandalous passion...

My Rating: 5 out of 5

My Review:

I absolutely absorbed this book.  There were no down sides in my opinion.  The plot was perfectly times and arranged.  I can't begin to type how perfect I thought this story was.  I rarely read a story that has the perfect measurement of every aspect; romance, mystery, intrigue, detail, etc.  I just picked this up randomly at the library based on the description and title and am so grateful I did.  Everyone who loves romances should try this out!  Blake has been truly harmed by Victoria's family and decided that using Victoria would help him get his revenge.  Victoria on the other hand decides that she can take anything he deals out and turn the table on him.  The interactions between them are full of fire.  Great Read!

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