Monday, July 18, 2011

Breathless by Anne Stuart

Goodreads Description:

Ruined beyond repair and shunned by London society, lovely Miranda Rohan rebelliously embraces the freedom that comes from having nothing left to lose. However, this dangerous course throws her under the power of the darkly enigmatic Lucien de Malheur—known to many as the Scorpion. 

Seeking to destroy the Rohans, Lucien traps Miranda in a marriage she thinks is based on friendship but instead is rooted in vengeance. Yet even when she realizes the truth, their enmity fuels a shocking passion—and perhaps even more. 

Such a man might drive anyone to murder....

My Rating: 2 out of 5

My Review:

I did like aspects of this book but as a whole I was not in love with it.  I liked Miranda's personality and outlook and I like how she took everything in stride, but at points it got ridiculous how she just shrugged some things off.  I absolutely hated how the book ended.  I felt like the author just decided she was done writing and stopped.  It was horrible.  Though for those who can't figure it out, it's  happy ending. The Scorpion, Lucien, is very negative but has a reason for his hate.  However I don't think he should have wanted revenge so strongly for his sisters suicide, brought on by Benedick.  It was her mother who was so horrible to him and I just can't see how he could bring himself to care so much as to want to destroy a whole family cause his half sister (who he didn't even really know) turned out to be as mad as her mother (who disfigured an abused him)  

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