Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Secret by Julie Garwood

Goodreads Description:

The author of Guardian Angel offers a novel of passion and romance set in the Scottish Highlands. Proud, beautiful Judith Hampton journeys from her English home to meet the father she has never known. But even her escort, the powerful Laird Iain Maitland, cannot prepare Judith for the truth about her father -- and the devastating secret that might change her life forever.

My Rating: 5 out of 5

My Review:

I really enjoyed this book. There were many conflicts that kept the plot chugging along at a wonderful pace. I loved the relationship between Iain and Judith. Iain acted just like I imagined a Highland Laird to act and Judith was the perfect character to throw him off and confuse him. I was jealous and inspired by Judith and Frances Catherine's friendship. All in all a great romance.

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  1. The story begins with the formation of a friendship between two little girls who normally would have never been friends. Judith Hampton is Engish but her loving aunt and uncle live on the border between England and Scotland and take her to the border festival where she meets Frances Katherine Kirkaldy. A punishment rock and a vicious little bee forges the girl's friendship forever.

    Now it is years later, Frances Katherine is about to have her first child and Judith has promised to be there. Frances Katherine defies her husband's clan and requests that Judith be brought to her, despite the fact that they hate the English. Convincing the council of her bond with Judith, Iain Maitland, the clans laird and Frances Katherine's brother-in-law agrees to go to England and retrieve Judith. Besides, Judith is not only a woman but English, she will never keep to her word and agree to follow the barbarians into the Highlands.