Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Well as you may have noticed 2013 was an off year, with many medical issues and just plan being busy raising my 5/6 and 3 yr old.  I've kept up my reviews for all my books on Goodreads but just couldn't seem to get the time to leave reviews on my blog.  Below is a link to all the books I read in 2013 and I will try to do reviews more frequently in 2014, my resolution as it were! :)

My Books read in 2013

Please feel free to comment and ask for a more indepth review of a book if you are interested.  I didn't write reviews for all but I rated them all!  As I said before I just didn't have the time to review every book as much as I'd like.

So far for 2014 I've read over 30 books.  A lot are re- reads but a few were first time reads.  Below is a link to my goodreads listing of those books.  Again if you'd like a more indepth opinion on a specific book please feel free to comment and ask :)

January 2014 Reads

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