Thursday, September 1, 2011

All About Seduction by Katy Madison

Goodreads Description:

Caroline Broadhurst is about to take a lover -- at her husband's command. For fifteen years, Caroline has done everything her much older husband has desired -- except provide an heir. Now he has given her an ultimatum: seduce a suitable gentleman and bear a son. Caroline would never think of bowing to such a shameful order, but then she meets Jack Applegate.

Jack has longed for the beautiful, untouchable Caroline for years, but the chasm between them was too wide to ever dream of crossing. Now, fate and passion have thrown them together, but the potential scandal threatens to smother their love. And when a violent secret comes to light, only a terrible sacrifice will prevent the flame of their affection from being snuffed out forever. . .

My Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5

My Review:

I enjoyed this read. It was well written and the plot was well laid out. I felt bad for Jack, he had so many bad things happen and I so wanted him and Caroline to have their happy ending. And they do, but not before a lot of crap first. It all starts off with Caroline's husband demanding she take a lover to get pregnant an have a son. She doesn't want to and after a few failed attempts that did nothing but humiliate her she turns to the one man she is attracted to Jack. He was injured in a mill accident while saving a little girl. Caroline insists that she have her way with his healing since she is being made to commit the sin of adultery. Jack shows her what passion is and she helps him heal and encourages him to make his dreams a reality in more ways then one. Great read!

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